I’ve been working with Deb for the past year. I’ve turned to her several times for guidance, and she’s been 100% right on! At my lowest point Deb gave me the positive outlook I needed so desperately. Her demeanor is warm and loving . She has incredible passion to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. She’s the best in the business!!!!

​…Jeff from Lynn, MA

​I heard through some friends of the work Deb does. I told my mom and sister about Deb and they said let’s do it, let’s call her and have a reading/card reading session with her. So we called Deb and made an appointment with her. She came to my house. (a few minutes early which is a plus in my book, shows people are paying attention to time frames) She came in with a big warm smile on her face. I introduced her to my mom, sister, grandmother and wife. The only thing deb asked for was if people had a ring or watch or something personal of that person they wanted to try and connect to. She didn't want pictures, she didn't want ANY INFO on the person.  I didn't know what to expect from this, to be honest I didn't believe in any of this stuff. We all sat down and Deb began to have nice small talk about things. (NOTHING FROM THE PAST AT ALL) My sister had a very unfortunate miscarriage very late into her pregnancy, Deb never knew of this. Now to add something here, while on the phone making this session with Deb she asked me "what does a bear in the box mean to you?" I said nothing?? She told me "it means something, I’m getting this thing about a bear in the box". I said "nope, sorry" got off the phone and said WTH?? Back to the story now, so she starts asking my sister about her late baby. My sister brings out this box, and Deb asks to hold it. She does, she asks my sister a very specific question "Do you sometimes get a small burning sensation on the top of your right thigh?" My sister started to cry and replied "yes". Deb said "That's your daughter, resting on your leg, being with you". I said to myself no way!  Then Deb asks, "May I go into the box?"  As she goes into the box, she pulls a small teddy bear from the bottom of the box and my jaw hit the floor. I was shocked! Deb continued with the session and card readings and was spot on with stuff. That's just one example of how on point Deb was. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! She is amazing at what she does! Thank you Deb, you answered a lot of questions and brought good news to us. We thank you and appreciate it!

…Paige from Beverly, MA

Deb is AMAZING! Every experience I have had with her she has been nothing but spot on! I have had some card readings with her that have helped me see the light in difficult situations and have help lead me in the direction of success and happiness. Deb also has helped me connect with loved ones who have crossed over which has brought me peace and closer in the healing process. Her messages from my loved ones always bring me happiness as well as the chills every single time because when she brings things up about the individual it's always accurate. Deb is such a wonderful person inside and out and I would recommend her time and time again to anyone looking for guidance through readings as well as those who are looking to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over.

…Sue from Boston, MA

​I had a wonderful experience with Deb. I’ve never really had a reading done before and was very curious to see if she could ease my mind about things. I can easily say, she did!! I left her feeling amazed, speechless and humbled. Her honesty and sweet sense of humor made it very easy to talk with her. I am positive I will seek her out for future readings!

…Maureen from Danvers, MA

​Deb was amazing!  She really hit home on a lot of things.   She brought my parents through telling me stuff she wouldn't know.   The most comforting thing was that my parents are proud of me and my son.   It was a very emotional conversation but Deb totally nailed it!  I would recommend Deb to all my family and friends!